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Synopsis of 40 days of blogging.

Synopsis of Blogging for 40 Days Blogging for 40 days has been rough. Working and going to school aren't hard enough. Plus throw in your kids basketball schedule. Robinhood production practice and everything else that might arise. Blogging is the last thing on my...

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Ween to play Kettlehouse Amphitheater!!!

Weens Coming To Bonner Ween is coming to the 406 once again. I remember being knee high to a grass hopper. Getting my first album God Ween Satan. Must have been 1991 or 92. Man that bring back so many memories. Well if you get a chance tickets go on sale tomorrow....

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GeForce GTX 1080 TI Graphics Card

Geforce 1080 TI Are you ready for some next VR experiences? Based off of NVIDIA Pascal Architecture coming with 11Gbps GDDR5X memory. This graphics card won't disappoint. Clock speed is 1582 which is 507MHz over the 980TI and have almost double the ram. Priced at 699....

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Mirrorless VS DSLR Cameras

Mirrorless VS DSLR To tell you the truth I like both and all camera's. I don't really care I just like to shoot. My advice is to get out there and try them out. I know B&H and Adorama both have rental programs. So if you want to try something out. Rent them for a...

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Student forms coding club kids.

Student Forms Free Coding Club Student Zachary Lieberman, a junior at Nova Southeastern University's University School formed a free club to share his programming passion. We need more people like this. Great opportunity to help our community and help refocus our...

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AI, where is it going in the next 5 years

AI, Scary and Exciting! With the changes coming in technology the future looks scary. We are on the edge of an industrial revolution. Do you know what you're going to be doing in 5 years? Are you still going to be doing the same job? Will a machine be able to replace...

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Bash Scripting, Test Your Knowledge.

Bash Scripting, Test your Knowledge. —Bash Scripting Having fun with bash. Check out the weekly challenge over at Keeping you up to date with latest linux news. Also, another great resource for upcoming distro and tutorials. Great resource for some free...

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